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Mindful Self-Massage Session 

A unique experience for your virtual conference, college, business, team, nonprofit and more! 

The perfect refresher for your online conference

Self-massage is an energizing pause that reconnects your audience with their body, while learning very useful techniques to release muscular tensions and enjoy your content even more! 

Prevent stress and injuries in your business 

A long list of large and small businesses have already benefited from our online self-massage sessions. Experience the benefits with your team, in only 15-20 minutes! 

Offer an empowering self-care experience to your community

Colleges, nonprofits and influencers love our soothing, anti-stress self-massage sessions to support their community. We have reached thousands of students, beneficiaries and fans in this way. 

How it works 

All sessions are facilitated by Raphael Lavoie-Brand, the founder of Mindful Self-Massage.

1. Choose your format

  • 15-30 min (virtual events and businesses) 
  • 45-60 min (colleges, libraries, nonprofits) 

2. Advertise 

  • We help you by providing great visual content and text to entice your audience!

3. Host

  • Send us your online conference link, be present and relax! 

Note: This picture was taken from a Zoom video conference. We have a great studio with professional lighting, great image and sound quality! 

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