The Body-Reconnect Project

The new approach of Mindful Self-Massage is simple yet powerful, because it combines the power of touch, mindfulness, self-compassion and neuroscience. Many research avenues could be possible with a variety of groups. The Body-Reconnect Project aims at grounding Mindful Self-Massage in science, just like MBSR-Programs did for meditation. 

What we have done so far

Testing and developing Mindful Self-Massage exercises with a variety of groups and nonprofits has been at the heart of the first year. The results have been reported in a first article in the Massage Therapy Canada magazine (fall 2021), also laying the theoretical foundations of the approach. 

Many self-massage sessions have been offered pro bono to nonprofit organizations to see the benefits on their target group. 

  • A large mental health nonprofit in Quebec (Mouvement Santé mentale Québec)
  • A domestic violence prevention center (Via l'Anse, Sallaberry-de-Valleyfield)
  • A school drop-out reintegration center (REVDEC, Montreal) 
  • A medical student support group at the University of Montreal (REEM) 

Current discussions with researchers aim at developing self-massage content for the elderly, rehab patients and also sexual violence victims. 

Research methods : It would be useful to include Mindful Self-Massage in comparative studies with well-established research methods to be able to engage in a dialog with the broader scientific community. We could think of The WHO-5 Well-Being Index, The Self-Compassion Scale by Dr. Kristin Neff, and more. On the other hand, it could be relevant to develop a research method that includes the dimension of touch and integrates it with known tools. 

Partnerships : If you are involved in research (university, field organization, independent center), and interested to discuss any project, please contact us! 

Raphael Lavoie-Brand 
Massage therapist
Founder of Mindfulness Self-Massage
[email protected]